Formcrete was born from our passion for and fascination with all things concrete. We started our careers as a Marketer and Concrete Technologists. When we relocated to Hoekwil, in the Garden Route with our dogs and two small children in tow we moved into an old mudbrick house. We saw renovating this home as a challenge and set to work on creating our own paradise. Here, we made our first concrete kitchen counters and experimented with other forms of concrete furniture.

Even though our dream was to create unique and trendy pieces of furniture for others, we were sucked into the corporate world and providing for our family.

17 years later, living in Irene, Centurion, inspiration struck once again and we started creating concrete pieces for our own use. Soon enough our friends and family started requesting pieces of their own. The dream of Formcrete came to life and pretty soon we had new products; creating the unique range we offer today.

Formcrete is a small family-owned business that delivers handmade products. These products are personally created and curated by us, with the help of a small team. We utilise locally sourced materials that are hand-picked from other like-minded family-owned businesses.

Unique in our style and aesthetic, Formcrete products will not only enhance your home, but will allow you to stand out from the crowd and express your individuality.

When you choose Formcrete you choose to be a trendsetter.

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